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Tequity Investing is a SEBI registered investment advisory assisting individuals and institutions plan their investments in a disciplined manner. We believe that every sustainable investment strategy must have an 'edge'. Our edge is the qualitative analysis skill-set we have acquired over our investing journey thus far.


Our advisory is sector agnostic, provided the concerned sector meets basic tenets of being called 'investible'. Our firm belief is that returns in investing is a byproduct of risk-management. In the short term, success / failure in equity investing is mainly attributable to luck. The success of a strategy can only be measured over the longer term.

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Meet your advisor
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Abhinit Kulkarni

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Abhinit's penchant for identifying good investment opportunities started in the year 2012. The journey has been full of ups and down - to say the least. Abhinit is candid in accepting that making money from investments is not a one way road. Instead of focusing too much on the outcome in the short term, it is more important to develop a process. A process, once developed, helps in creating sustainable returns in the markets.

Abhinit firmly believes that shareholder value creation is strongly linked with the quality of the management. He opines that it is better to bet on a mediocre business run by exceptional promoters, than to bet on exceptional businesses run by promoters with questionable integrity. He often says this in Hindi "पहले बंदा, फीर धंधा"