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Tequity Investing is a SEBI registered investment advisory assisting individuals and institutions plan their investments in a disciplined manner. We believe that every sustainable investment strategy must have an 'edge'. Our edge is the qualitative analysis skill-set we have acquired over our investing journey thus far.


Our advisory is sector agnostic, provided the concerned sector meets basic tenets of being called 'investible'. Our firm belief is that returns in investing is a byproduct of risk-management. In the short term, success / failure in equity investing is mainly attributable to luck. The success of a strategy can only be measured over the longer term.

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Meet your advisor

Abhinit Kulkarni

Abhinit comes with an experience of over a decade and has worked in several multinational organizations like Ernst & Young, IDFC First Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Yes Bank, Worldpay (U.K.), Aetna Insurance (U.S.) and JM Financial services. He is an alumnus of College Of Engineering, Pune and holds an MBA in Finance from Goa Institute of Management.

His penchant for investing started along with his corporate journey and over the years he has developed a process that helps in creating sustainable returns in the markets. This was also a trigger for him to let go of his Corporate career and venture full time into investing - his area of passion.

Abhinit  believes that beating the markets requires a right blend of patience and opportunism. Shareholder value creation is strongly linked with the quality of the management. He opines that selecting the right investment requires not just financial analysis, but also involves qualitative aspects such as understanding the promoter interests and human psychology, which are usually overlooked.

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