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Options Trading from the very best

4 courses tailored to deliver deep learning about theoretical

and on ground aspects of investing & trading.

Here, we will reveal basics, wealth multiplying techniques, and our secrets.

Earn Smart and earn consistently with Tequity Investing

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Basic Courses for Beginners(with certificate): INR 499/-

Tequity Investing offers 2 basic courses. The mode of learning is recoded video based, with a test in the end.

These courses are explained in the most basic terms so that participants with no prior investing experience will be

able to learn the basics of the trade. Simple language, practical illustrations and lively tutor will make your beginners

experience a memorable one!


Stock Market Basics

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Basics of Options

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Intermediate and Advanced Courses

The true key to consistent and above average wealth generation begins with a strong foundation and understanding of the stock and derivative markets. This solid foundation is exactly what our courses deliver. And that too, with a bang! At the end of all courses, you can expect to be a highly skilled investor/trader, deploying successful strategies in all kinds of market environments. If we can do it, we sure can teach you how to do it!

Techno-Fundamental Stock Analysis

Professional Options Trading

Intermediate (A2)
Advanced (A3)
Intermediate (Z2)
Advanced (Z3)
Advanced (Z4)

Portfolio Alerts

Not everyone may have the time, interest or aptitude to learn. Don’t worry,We’ve got you covered.

Subscribe to our stock and options and stock portfolios and mimic our winning strategies. 

Techno-Fundamental Portfolio

Complete access to our existing portfolio, picked carefully based on long term fundamentals and medium term techno-fundamental analysis. Get alerts, updates and in-depth company analysis

Effective Options

Mimic our top derivative picks which combine the leverage power of futures and the hedging power of options. Receive Alerts real time on buy and sell recommendations



"The Options course is really worth every penny. Abhinit has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easy to understand modules. I regret that I never did such a course before I started investing in derivatives. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to invest in options or futures

—  Ramesh Anantharaman, Ex-Director, Schneider Electric

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