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Disclaimer: Tequity is in the process of acquiring license for SEBI registered investment adviser. We have cleared the exam and should get the license soon.

The tips offered by us are in no way an assurance for income. They are analysed to the best of our knowledge and traders following us should be aware of the risks involved. Contact us  to know more about this offering.


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Product / Service offering

Comprehensive Derivatives & Cash trading (3 months)

Rs. 7000

We provide recommendations across indices and stocks. Unlike other market players who have multiple confusing plans, our plans are comprehensive and simple

Futures & Options (3 months)

Rs. 5000

Suitable for traders who are relatively experienced in the market, but looking forward to hand-holding

Futures & Options (6 months)


Suitable for traders who are relatively experienced in the market, but looking forward to hand-holding

This is a high risk-high reward product and is suitable only for traders who intend to be actively involved. Leverage (or margin as it is commonly called) is a double-edged sword. Both profits and losses are magnified and it is not for weak hands. Benefiting from leverage is a game of patience and requires consistent disciplined efforts. The biggest advantage of trading in derivatives is that derivatives allow you to make money in sideways/falling markets. It is a well-known fact that market trends less than 30 percent of times. During such times that the market is directionless, derivatives are a great instrument.

Frequently asked questions

Futures & Options

How is Futures & Options trading different from stock trading?

Futures & Options (F&O) is different compared to stock trading in 3 parameters:

  • Leverage: F&O gives you leverage, which means you can buy more quanitity in the same capital. If you have Rs. 1 lac as your capital, you can buy 100 shares with each share worth Rs. 1000. In case of F&O, you can buy 600-700 share equivalents with Rs. 1 lac
  • High Risk & return: Since F&O is a leveraged activity, the risk and reward both are high as compared to stock investing or trading
  • Making money in directionless or falling market: Mastering F&O allows you the opportunity to generate returns in a falling market or in a sideways consolidating market. Stock trading is all about buying stocks and waiting for the prices to go up.

How safe is my capital in F&O?

F&O is a high risk category of trading. Traders should be willing to see drawdown on their capital in the initial phases of trading. However, over a long period of time, this category has the potential to generate returns in all market phases.

What are the best options strategies?

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to options trading. A trader needs a strategy for each phase of the market. In a trending market, one needs to have strategies which are directional in nature. In a sideways market, direction agnostic strategies like short strangles and calendar spreads are highly successful.

Why do so many people lose money in stocks markets and especially F&O?

Most players lose money in markets because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of patience & discipline
  • Entering in the game with entire capital at once
  • 'I know everything' attitude
  • Inability to handle leverage - both mental and financial
  • No hand-holding from trustworthy and experienced traders

How much return can I expect on my capital per annum?

While there are many players in the market who claim to give multbagger returns in F&O, our experience says that such returns are not sustainable. There are times in the market when you can make multibagger returns in a short span of time, however in the long term anywhere close to 20-25% is a reasonable return. Please note there is no assurance of returns in any asset class. These numbers are just tentative based on our past eperience.


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