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Our Philosophy towards stock markets is a blend of pragmatism and idealism. We are disciples of the Warren Buffett school of thought when it comes to identifying value. At the same time we like momentum.


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This is a high risk-high reward product and is suitable only for traders who intend to do this activity full time. Leverage (or margin as it is commonly called) is a double edged sword. Both profits and losses are magnified and it is not for the weak hands. Benefiting from leverage is a game of patience and requires consistent disciplined efforts.

There are many myths around Futures & Options trading, the most common being trading is pure luck and no science. We at Tequity have gone through the ups and downs of leverage before we finally started making money consistently using our strategies. We firmly believe trading is a scientific process and can be successfully used to generate consistent income. The idea behind offering this service is to help fellow traders learn from our experience.

Disclaimer: Tequity is a SEBI registered investment adviser. The recommendations offered by us are in no way an assurance for income. They are analysed to the best of our knowledge and traders following us should be aware of the risks involved. Contact us  to know more about this offering.


We help our clients plan their finances better. Tequity is a fee-only Financial Advisor. We strongly believe that Financial Planning is an important process and should be free from 'Conflict of Interest'. Commission-based advisors tend to push products that offer higher incentives.


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