Trading or Investing in the stock, currency or commodities market is possibly one of the easiest thing to execute. It is simpler than using a microwave to

re-heat your morning Tea after you've snoozed a little. This relative ease of entering into a trade is what makes this whole affair a classic tale in contradictions. It's like jumping from a boat into shark infested waters. The jumping is really easy but that's where the challenge begins! Your risks are not just the sharks(experienced traders), but also the swell of the sea(market related risks) and your own ability to swim(individual experience). Needless to say, doing this without the proper training can prove disastrous, and result in huge monetary losses.


It is this very problem that Tequity Learning aims to address. Our platform  provides  the requisite tools for learning the details and intricacies of the trade. It is highly recommended that you don't underestimate the need of learning this trade(the writer is speaking from bitter self-experience of ignoring this aspect before entering the world of financial markets).

So how does Tequity Learning Work?

We are leveraging our experience in the markets to provide detailed and insightful content which is divided into various modules. Like with any profession, there is no one right or guaranteed way to succeed. But it pays to know the basics before you take that leap into markets.


Get Learning to build a successful career in investing and trading.

All our courses are intentionally priced reasonable. Our goal with the stock markets is much bigger than looting retail traders and investors. 


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Course Rationale: 

Empower aspiring stock market investors with the right knowledge and tools to make informed investment decisions.

Course Contents:
  • Risk Management and risk profiling

  • Financial statement analysis in depth: Price: Earnings per share, Price:Book value per share, Enterprise Value:EBITDA

  • Valuation ratios and their significance: Price:Earnings, Price:Book Value, Enterprise Value:EBITDA. Applicability of these ratios in suitable sectors / companies

  • Valuation methods: Discounted cashflow, Relative valuation & Sum of the Parts

  • Approaches to investing: Top-down vs. Bottom-up approach. Specific discussion about when to use which approach

  • Tools to be used while taking investment decisions

  • Practical aspects of stock investing: How to analyze daily data from NSE (Bulk deal/block deal, FII / DII figures, delivery percentage of specific scrips, etc

  • Value Investing vs. Momentum: How to strike a balance between value and momentum, How to maximize returns in limited capital. Optimal mix of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.


  • Basics of financial accounting

  • Prior experience in investing is not required, but preferred


2 days (9 hours each day). Generally on Saturdays and Sundays

PricingINR 10,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

Course Rationale: 

Basics of Futures & Options and advanced trading strategies. Our strategies are not dependent on a lot of technical indicators and oscillators. We mainly trade using price action and options greeks.

Course Contents:
  • Risk Management and position sizing

  • Importance of price action in trading 

  • Technical indicators and applicability: Moving averages, Fibonacci retracement, Pivot points, Supertrend, RSI. These will be just introduced without going in much detail

  • Interpreting and analysing Open Interest

  • Option trading strategies

  • Option greeks: Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma. Importance of implied volatility

  • Options net buy vs net sell positions

  • Understanding pay-off charts

  • Trading during events: How to trade events like Elections and RBI policy using hedged options strategies

  • Advance trading strategies by combining futures & options


  • Basics of futures & options

  • Readiness to unlearn old strategies and learn newer and better strategies


2 days (9 hours each day). Generally on Saturdays and Sundays

PricingINR 10,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

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