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Tequity Scanner is an excel utility designed especially for DIY investors and traders. There is a big pool of stocks available in the market. Analyzing a large number of stocks requires a framework. We have developed a framework which can be easily customized and applied for your stock research.

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Our Philosophy towards stock markets is a blend of pragmatism and idealism. We are disciples of the Warren Buffett school of thought when it comes to identifying value. At the same time, we like momentum.

Why techno-fundamental analysis?

'Experience makes you wise'. Our journey in the stock markets has been through many phases. As our logo signifies, there is no linear growth in stock markets. There are times when you need to see negative returns and then there come times when you get the pleasure of looking at exponential growth. The techno-fundamental approach helps you sail through all phases of the market. It makes sure that you do not sit with stocks which have lost buying interest. At the same time, it ensures that you are not entering 'junk stocks' in the pretext of chasing momentum.

There are many investors who completely disregard technical analysis. Such investors have multiple reasons for doing so. At Tequity, we have realized that retail investors have limited patience and capital. Efficient utilization of capital is a requirement for active traders and investors. After experimenting with many strategies, we at Tequity, have belief in our techno-fundamental approach. If you are an active trader/ short term investor, we strongly encourage you to explore our offerings in this section.

Frequently asked questions

Direct Equity

Where can I get reliable stock trading tips?

Relying on stock tips is dangerous. Most of the players in the market depend on momentum buying, without giving due attention to quality of the company. This leads to a situation where one may get caught in a stock at the wrong price. Before relying on tips provided by anybody, it is important to understand the underlying methodology. In many instances, tips providers have vested interest. They ask you to buy only those stocks which they want to get rid of.

How do I know whether the provider of recommendations is reliable?

It is advisable to have a detailed discussion with the advisor from whom you are planning to take recommendations. Understand the methodology in detail and the profile of person providing recommendations. Ask him/her for their sectors of comfort and ask them to provide results of historical trades.

How many stocks should I invest in?

This entirely depends on how many stock you can study and keep track of. Buying stocks without following is risky. Generally, this numbder should be between 15-20 at any given point in time

What is the ideal way to diversify protfolio?

Investing in different sectors is a good way of diversification. Within sectors, it is advisable to invest in more than 1 company. One approach of doing this is investing in one growth stock and one value stock in each sector.

I know everything!, do I really need an advisor?

'I know everything' is perhaps the most dangerous statement you can hear in the world of investing. The fact is nobody can ever know everything about the markets. The advantage of having an advisor is you get to understand diverese viewpoints. Your methodology of investing gets validated in the process.


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