TEQUITY Investing focuses on generating wealth for you via our financial advisory services. Our strategies are customizable, time-tested and capital agnostic. Let your money work for you with Tequity Investing

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Our Philosophy towards stock markets is a blend of pragmatism and idealism. We are disciples of the Warren Buffett school of thought when it comes to identifying value. At the same time we like momentum.


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A blend of fundamentals (investing) & technicals (trading)
Tequity Techno-fundamental portfolio
Financial Planning & Portfolio Review

Financial planning helps you in setting achievable goals and making investment decisions to achieve the goals. Tequity is a fee-only Financial Advisor. We firmly believe that 'Conflict of Interest' should never be a part of financial planning.


Frequently asked questions

General Questions

How can I find a trusted Financial Advisor?

You need to look at the website's minute details. When it comes to hard-earned money, make sure you are associated with the right advisor. Make sure you see who are the people behind the website. A website in itself is of no use if the founders are not qualified enough. Scan through the profiles of founders in detail

Is Tequity SEBI registered?

We are in the process of obtaining the registration for Investment Advisor. Application has already been submitted to SEBI

Which financial product should I invest in?

This is a question of analysing your risk profile and rewards expectation. Get in touch with us to know further about various products available

What is a fee-only financial advisor?

When you are seeking investment advice, there are basically two models. One, the advisor makes his/her income from the finance company whose products have been sold to you. This is in the form of commissions. Two, the advisor gives you unbiased advice. He may also recommend you good asset management companies to invest with. In this case, the advisor depends for his income from the fee he charges you. There are no vested interest for the advisor to recommend you any product having sub-optimal offerings. This model is termed as fee-only advisory.

Should I select a fee-only advisor?

This really depends on the corpus that you are looking to invest. In case the corpus is small, it makes little sense to pay for fee-only advisory. If your corpus is sufficiently large, why mind paying a few thousand rupees for unbiased advice from experts?

Which is better - mutual funds vs direct equity?

This depends on the amount of time you can dedicate to your investment portfolio and the level of understanding you have developed in markets. If you are a beginner, it is better to stay with mutual funds. If you are a fairly experience investor with mutual funds, you may want to enhance returns by way of directly investing in good quality stocks. Similarly, direct equity requires regular monitoring of companies you have invested in.

Which is better - mutual funds vs portfolio management services?

There are 2 main differences between mutual funds and PMS. One, the minimum corpus required for PMS is Rs. 25 lacs as per SEBI regulations. For mutual funds, this amount is Rs. 500 per month. Two, the risk involved is higher in PMS. Naturally, returns to be expected are higher in PMS.