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Track our stock picks and invest with us real time with SMALLCASE 

What is a smallcase? Why should I invest?
A smallcase is an intelligently weighted basket of upto 50 stocks that reflects a theme, idea or strategy. Well managed smallcases have the advantage of investing in pertinent winning themes and tailored strategies. This is something which mutual funds do not offer as they are are way more cautious and broad in their approach.  

Tequity Investing smallcases you can select from. 

The Rising Superstars Smallcase

About: A portfolio of high quality and well managed mid cap and small cap stocks that are very likely to become large and mega caps of the future. More details in the FAQ section

Rebalance Frequency: Quarterly

Suitable For: Long term capital appreciation by investing in excellent businesses that are prudently managed.  


About: A portfolio comprising of 25-30 stocks displaying stong uptrend or momentum on price charts.

FAQ section

Rebalance Frequency: Weekly

Suitable For: Short to medium term capital appreciation   

Smallcase FAQ
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