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A financial plan is a master document that brings clarity to  your present and future finances. The financial plan is personalised for you/your family. Here's what you can expect with your financial planning with us:

  • A birds eye view of how you earn, spend and save. Enables you to understand and manage money better

  • An assessment of your short and medium term financial requirements

  • A plan to meet the present day and future requirements. This is done by creating a balance between your income sources, expenses and investments

  • A long term investment strategy to make compounding work for you 

  • The dream of an early retirement can only be made into a reality by meticulous discipline and practice of prudent financial planning. Our financial plan helps you get on the path 

  • The best investment planning based on your risk profile: We DO NOT earn brokerages from any financial product recommendations. As we charge a fixed fee/percent of AUM, it is in our best interest that you get the best performing and lowest expense investment portfolio suitable to you. 

  • Finally and most importantly, when we sign a SEBI compliant agreement for a financial plan service, you get access to our advice for the duration of the agreement, over and above the financial plan document.   

How it Works?


Get in touch with is through email/ website

Email us the filled portfolio evaluation matrix & payment confirmation

Fill portfolio evaluation matrix and risk assessment test


Discuss terms, deliverables, duration and pricing


Telephonic discussion


Sign agreement and make payments

Telephonic discussion

Comprehensive Financial Plan 

Execution and Consulting Assistance (optional)

IMPORTANT: Fee-only vs. commission based model

Financial advisors can be compensated in one of the 2 ways:

  1. Fee Only advisors: Advisors receive their income from the client

  2. Commissions by selling products: Advisors earn from asset management companies

‘When you are not paying for a product/ service, you are the product being sold!’. There are no free lunches, especially when it comes to managing money!

We are fee-only advisors registered with SEBI. We engage with our clients extensively to understand their requirements and suggest instruments that match their risk appetite and expectation of returns. We ensure that the recommendations we make are on the basis of how much risk you can AFFORD, and not on the basis of how much risk you WANT to take.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Financial Planning crucial for NRIs?

  • Working abroad generally offers more attractive compensation than working back in India, however this is accompanied by staying away from the home.
  • Making higher income puts NRIs in an advantageous position vis-a-vis their Indian counterparts.
  • Investing this income appropriately is important as future income stability depends a lot on quality of investments (Do note that many NRIs have ‘early retirement’ as a goal)
  • Planning the taxation aspect is important for NRIs as laws are not very simple.

What is Goal based planning

Goal based planning involves listing down all that you have in your mind. A good financial plan involves deciding the amount needed to invest today to achieve a particular goal. Example: How much should I invest per month and in which instruments, if I want to fund my daughter’s medical school after 10 years? Some Other examples of goals are: Retirement Planning, Buying a second home, Planning for a vacation every year, Buying a luxury car, etc

What should be the ideal asset allocation?

Asset allocation is a topic that is personal to an individual's financial situation and goals. Hence, there is no one size fits all approach. Factors on which asset allocation depends are: Ability to take risks Willingness to take risks Financial Goals

What all is covered in my financial plan/ What does a financial advisor really do?

A Financial Advisor operates systematically and helps you in making sound investment decisions. The process followed is as follows:

  • Understanding the current financial situation: An Investment Advisor will understand the current state of affairs of your finances. S/He will ask you for your current asset allocation in the form of Gold, Real Estate, Financial Assets.
  • Goal Setting process: The advisor will have a detailed discussion with you and help you write down your financial goals. Goals are quanitifiable plans like childrens' education, buying a luxury car, saving for an exotic vacation, retirement planning, etc
  • Risk assessment: An Investment Advisor will evaluate your ability and willingess to take risks. Assessing the risk appetite of an investors is a skill that an advisor develops over a period of time.
  • Suggesting appropriate investment options: Once the goal setting and risk profiling are done, the advisor will suggest suitable options to meet those goals. A goal with high aspirations and low necessity (buying a luxury car) will be assigned to a risky investment. Whereas, a goal with high necessity(child education) will be fulfilled with safer investment options.

What is the pricing for a financial plan? Is it worth the price

The pricing for a financial plan is either a fixed fee or a percentage of Assets under management, whichever is lower. As for the worth of the service, our users are our evangelists and place high regard and worthiness of this service.
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