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Basics of Options Course, now for FREE!

Dear Readers, Investors and Learners,

We've decided to open up some of our learning content on Options Trading.

For those who don't know, options are a leveraged financial instrument which can help make money in all market environments - bullish bearish and sideways.

Successful options traders can make anywhere between 20 to 100% annual returns on their investment. With great reward potential does come great risk. It is our opinion that everyone must be made aware of the practical implications and the mechanics of options trading. This course will teach you all the basics and bring you up to speed.

In this 2 hour long 8 part series, we cover the basics of options in practical detail, with lots of examples and easy language. The goal is to make a complex product simple and easy to understand.

We hope you enjoy it. Consider subscribing to us on YouTube as well.

The course can be accessed by clicking here

Happy Investing

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